German 78's

German 78's are very rare and not easy to find. If you're lucky and find one it has probably one of the following catalogue numbers 20-6420, 6540, 6604, 6636 and 6643 as they are the most common ones. But not common as the US 78's, even these 5 titles are hard to find. The last 78 rpm from Germany and the rarest one is "Jailhouse rock", 20-7035, if you find a copy, keep on to it.

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Title© date
I forgot to rememeber to forget/Mystery train 20-6357s103-07-56
I want you, I need you, I love you/My baby left me 20-6540s126-07-56
Hound dog/Don't be cruel 20-6604s104-08-56
Heartbreak hotel/I was the one 20-6420s116-08-56
Blue suede shoes/Tutti frutti 20-6636s126-10-56
I'm counting on you/I got a woman 20-6637s126-10-56
I'm gonna sit right down/I'll never let you go 20-6638s126-10-56
Trying to get to you/I love you because 20-6639s126-10-56
Blue moon/Just because 20-6640s126-10-56
Money honey/One sided love affair 20-6641s126-10-56
Shake rattle and roll/Lawdy miss Clawdy 20-6642s126-10-56
Anyway you want me/Love me tender 20-6643s126-10-56
Playing for keeps (not confirmed to excist)20-6800-- - -
Love me/Rip it up 20-9109s313-03-57
All shook up/That's when your heart heartaches begin 20-6870s3??-??-57
Loving you/Teddy bear 20-7000s326-07-57
Baby let's play house/I'm left you're right she's gone 20-6383s112-08-57
Teddy bear/Too much 20-9129s319-08-57
Treat me nice/Jailhouse rock 20-7035s315-10-57