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I forgot to rememeber to forget/Mystery train 47-6357s122-03-56
Heartbreak hotel/I was the one 47-6420s108-05-56
I want you, I need you, I love you/My baby left me 47-6540s121-07-56
Hound dog/Don't be cruel 47-6604s104-08-56
Blue suede shoes/Tutti frutti 47-6636s228-09-56
I'm counting on you/I got a woman 47-6637s228-09-56
I'm gonna sit right down/I'll never let you go 47-6638s228-09-56
Trying to get to you/I love you because 47-6639s228-09-56
Blue moon/Just because 47-6640s228-09-56
Money honey/One sided love affair 47-6641s228-09-56
Shake rattle and roll/Lawdy miss Clawdy 47-6642s228-09-56
Anyway you want me/Love me tender 47-6643s201-10-56
Baby let's play house/I'm left you're right she's gone47-6383s204-10-56
Playing for keeps/Too much 47-6800s323-01-57
Love me/Rip it up 47-9109s325-03-57
All shook up/That's when your heart heartaches begin 47-6870s327-03-57
Wake up to music/New sensations in sound 47-6712s2 - -
Loving you/Teddy bear 47-7000s312-06-57
Teddy bear/Too much 47-9129s329-07-57
Treat me nice/Jailhouse rock 47-7035s325-09-57
Santa bring my baby back/Santa claus is back in town 47-9143s311-11-57
Party/Got a lot o' livin' to do 47-9144s313-11-57
Don't/I beg of you 47-7150s304-01-58
Baby I don't care/I want to be fre 47-9154 s320-02-58
Doncha think it's time/Wear my ring around your neck 47-7240 s308-04-58
Hard headed woman/Don't ask me why 47-7280 s412-06-58
Dixieland rock/Lover doll 47-9200 s508-10-58
King creole/Dixieland rock 47-9201 s521-10-58
One night/I got stung 47-7410 s522-10-58
Young and beautiful/Lover doll 47-9224 s517-02-59
I need your love tonight/A fool such as I 47-7506 s505-03-59
That's all right/You're a heartbreaker 47-9227 s510-03-59
A big hunk o love/My wish came true 47-7600 s522-06-59
White christmas/Silent night 47-9279 s506-10-59
Stuck on you/Fame and fortune 47-7740 s528-03-60
Stuck on you/Fame and fortune (stereo release) 61-7740 s5 - -
A mess of blues/The girl of my best friend 47-9333 s527-06-60
It's now or never/A mess of blues 47-7777 s513-07-60
O sole mio/Girl next door went a' walking 47-9314 s604-08-60
O sole mio/Make me know it 47-9314 s509-08-60
Are you lonesome tonight/I gotta know 47-7810 s601-11-60
Wooden heart/Tonight's all right for love 47-9340 s610-11-60
Surrender/Lonely man 47-7850 s7/608-02-61
Surrender/Lonely man 61-7850 s7/6 - -
I feel so bad/Wild in the country 47-7880 s7/605-05-61
Little sister/His latest flame 47-7908 s7/607-08-61
Rock a hula baby/Cant help falling in love 47-7968 s7/608-11-61
Good luck charm/Anything that's part of you 47-7992 s807-03-62
She's not you/Just tell her Jim said hello 47-8041 s819-07-62
King of the whole wide/Home is where the heart is 47-9417 s807-09-62
Return to sender/Where do you come from 47-8100 s801-10-62
One broken heart for sale/They remind me too much of you47-8134 s804-02-63
It is no secret/I believe 47-9443 s804-02-63
Night rider/Kiss me quick 47-9452 s812-03-63
I got lucky/Girls girls girls 47-9459 s818-04-63
The walls have ears/Song of the shrimp 47-9466 s813-06-63
Devil in disguise/Please dont drag that string around 47-8188 s818-06-63
Bossa nova baby/Witchcraft 47-8243 v102-10-63
Mexico/You can't say no in Acapulco 47-9508 v106-01-64
Viva Las Vegas/What'd I say 47-8340 v124-02-64
It hurts me/Suspicion 47-9533 v119-03-64
Kissin cousins/It hurts me 47-8307 v121-05-64
Kissin cousins/One boy two little girls 47-9546 v202-06-64
Such a night/Never ending 47-8400 v216-07-64
Ain't that loving you baby/Ask me 47-8440 v228-09-64
Do the clam/You'll be gone 47-8500 v215-02-65
Crying in the chapel/I believe in the man in the sky 47-0643 v226-04-65
Easy question/It feels so right 47-8585 v218-05-65
Long lonely highway/I'm yours 47-8657 v217-08-65
Blue christmas/Santa claus is back in town 47-9674 v227-10-65
Tell me why/Puppet on a string 47-8698 v228-10-65
Blue river/You'll be gone 47-9686 v201-02-66
Frankie and Johnny/Please don't stop loving me 47-8780 v208-03-66
Joshua fit the battle/Known only to him 47-0651 v210-03-66
Milky white way/Swing low sweet chariot 47-0652 v210-03-66
Love letters/Come what may 47-8870 v213-06-66
Spinout/All that I am 47-8941 v321-09-66
If every day was like christmas/How would you like to be47-8950v317-11-66
Indescribably blue/Fools fall in love 47-9056 v404-01-67
Long legged girl/That's someone you never forget 47-9115 v228-04-67
There's always me/Judy 47-9287 v410-08-67
Big boss man/You don't know me 47-9341 v427-09-67
Guitar man/High heel sneakers 47-9425 v415-01-68
U S Male/Stay away 47-9465 v426-02-68
Let yourself go/Your time hasn't come yet baby 47-9547 v422-05-68
We call on him/You'll never walk alone 47-9600 v427-03-68
Almost in love/A little less conversation 47-9610 v423-09-68
If I can dream/Edge of reality 47-9670 v402-12-68
Charro/Memories 47-15119 o124-03-69
In the ghetto/Any day now 47-9741 o102-05-69
Clean up your own back yard/The fairs movin' on 47-9747 o104-07-69
Suspicious minds/You'll think of me 47-9764 o126-09-69
Don't cry daddy/Rubberneckin' 74-16020 o115-12-69
Kentucky rain/My little friend 47-9791 o117-02-70
Mama liked the roses/The wonder of you 47-9835 o230-04-70
I've lost you/The next step is love 47-9873 o224-07-70
Patch it up/You dont have to say you love me 47-9916 o2 13-10-70
I really don't want to know/There goes my everything 47-9960 o2 28-12-70
Where did they go Lord/Rags to riches 47-9980 o2 02-03-71
Only believe/Life 47-9985 o2 25-05-71
I'm leavin/Heart of rome 47-9998 o2 05-07-71
It's only love/The sound of your cry 48-1017 o2 08-10-71
I just can't help believing/How the web was woven 74-16 126 o2 23-11-71
Until it's time for you to go/We can make the morning 74-0619 o2 11-02-72
He touched me/Bossom of Abraham 74-0651 o2 22-03-72
An american trilogy/The first time ever I saw your face 74-0672 o2 12-05-72
Polk sallad Annie/C C rider 74-16 177 o2 20-07-72
Burning love/It's a matter of time 74-0769 o2 17-08-72
Separate ways/Always on my mind 74-0815 o2 11-12-72
Steamroller blues/Fool 74-0910 o2 10-05-73
Raised on rock/For ol' time sake 74-16 374 o2 13-09-73
Take good care of her/I've got a thing about you baby APBO-0196 o2 19-02-74
Help me/If you talk in your sleep APBO-0280 o2 27-05-74
Promised land/It's midnight PB 10074 o2 08-10-74
My boy/Thinking about you PB 10191 o3 28-01-75
T-R-O-U-B-L-E/Mr. songman PB 10278 o3 23-04-75
Bringing it back/Pieces of my life PB 10401 o3 07-10-75
Green green grass of home/Make the world go away PPBO-7028 o3 05-01-76
For the heart/Hurt PB 10601 o3 24-03-76
Moody blue/She thinks I still care PB 0857 o4 21-12-76
Way down/Pledging my love PB 0998 o4 27-06-77