German 45's - Gospelcovers

The term Gospelcover are used for a series of reissues from the late 60's and early 70's. These are easy to recognize because they have the same picture sleeve as the one used for the german releases of "Joshua fit the Battle" and "Milky white way". You'll find most of these sleeves with black label 45's but a few can be found with an orange lable too. If you have or know of more titles than listed here please let me know. All additional information will be acknowledged.

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One night/I got stung47-7410bl - -
The walls have ears/Song of the shrimp 47-9466 bl - -
Devil in disguise/Please dont drag that string around 47-8188bl/or - -
Viva Las Vegas/What'd I say 47-8340bl - -
There's always me/Judy 47-9287bl/or - -

To make it easier to decide if you have a genuine Gospelcover instead of the original catalogue release, I have listed the standard releases below.

Joshua fit the battle/Known only to him 47-0651v210-03-66
Milky white way/Swing low sweet chariot 47-0652v210-03-66
If every day was like christmas/How would you like to be47-8950v317-11-66