German 45's - "Devilcovers"

The term "Devilcover" is used for a batch of reissues from the periode 1964-1965.

These are called "Devilcovers" because of the picture sleeves use the same cover picture as used for the "Devil In Disguise" 45.

All covers are preprinted without titles and numbers. Titles and numbers are printed later.

Some will argue that the 47-9674 is not part of the "Devilcover" "series" and that that is correct as long as the series are seen as a re-issue series only. But 47-9674 is based on the same pre-print cover as the others and that is my reason for including it in this list. If you have, or know more titles than listed here please let me know and I will add it to this list. All additional information will be acknowledged.

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Love me/Rip it up 47-9109v230-07-64
I forgot to rememeber to forget/Mystery train 47-6357v203-12-64
I want you, I need you, I love you/My baby left me 47-6540v203-12-64
Blue moon/Just because 47-6640v209-12-64
Santa bring my baby back/Santa claus is back in town 47-9143v209-12-64
Crying in the chapel/I believe in the man in the sky 47-0643 v226-04-65
King of the whole wide/Home is where the heart is 47-9417 v2
Kissin cousins/It hurts me 47-8307 v2
Easy question/It feels so right 47-8585 v218-05-65
Long lonely highway/I'm yours 47-8657 v217-08-65
Blue christmas/Santa claus is back in town 47-9674 v227-10-65

The Following two releases has the same Elvis picture on the front but they are not pre-printed and as of that, not a part of the series.

Devil In Disguise/Please Don't Drag That String Around 47-8188v2
Suspicion/It Hurts Me 47-9533v2