German Army labels

The term army label is used to describe german pressings sold at US army bases in Europe. They are easily recognized by the dog on top and "Made in USA" on the label, all in silverprint. This will cause most of us to believe that these are US pressings, but they are not. If you check the vinyl closer you'll see that it's stamped "Manufactured in Germany" in the vinyl, exactly as on the regular german pressings.

If anyone of you have one or more of these records for sale or trade please get in touch with me as they are high on my want-list. I'm also interested in additional information regarding other titles than listed, I know there's some roumours, but I will not list items that are not verified. All information will be acknowledged.

Since I've been asked a lot of times why my list is different from the list of army-labels that was published by Ger Rijff in "Elvis The Man And His Music" a while back. I will say that this list is based on facts and contains releases on the army-label only. The list in "Elvis The Man And His Music" is not correct, there's most likely no army-label for 47-7777, EPA 4108 and EPA 5088. They were listed in the magzine, but they do probably not exist. There's also an additional 78 listed in the magazine, but so far no collector has been able to deliver me proof that it do exist. Hope this answers your questions.

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I forgot to rememeber to forget/Mystery train47-6357army22-03-56
Heartbreak hotel/I was the one47-6420army08-05-56
I want you, I need you, I love you/My baby left me47-6540army21-07-56
Hound dog/Don't be cruel47-6604army04-08-56
Blue moon/Just because47-6640army28-09-56
Anyway you want me/Love me tender47-6643army01-10-56
Baby let's play house/I'm left you're right she's gone47-6383army04-10-56
Playing for keeps/Too much47-6800army23-01-57
Love me/Rip it up47-9109army25-03-57
All shook up/That's when your heart heartaches begin47-6870army27-03-57
Loving you/Teddy bear47-7000army12-06-57
Don't/I beg of you47-7150army04-01-58


Heartbreak hotel EPA 821 army 22-06-56
Elvis Presley EPA 747 army 17-10-56
Elvis vol.1 EPA 992 army 28-12-56
Elvis vol.2 EPA 993 army 28-12-56
Elvis vol.3 EPA 994 army 28-12-56
Love me tender EPA 4006 army 11-01-57
Anyway you want me EPA 965 army 16-04-57
Peace in the valley EPA 4054 army 08-05-57


Elvis Presley LPM 1254army - -
Elvis LPM 1382army - -
Loving you LPM 1515army - -
Elvis' Golden records LPM 1707army - -